Provider Referral

Are you a new client being referred to us from a healthcare practitioner? Please put yourself on our calendar for a free discovery session so that we can lay the groundwork for doing real work together. We move quickly, so if you’re currently struggling with a condition and need to get started now, we’ve got your back! On the call, you’ll decide what level of health consulting you want to start with along with next steps to take.

New Clients

Ready for more? Consider joining the monthly Healing Manifesto Club, or start straight away with health coaching. It’s what we do best. Not only do we provide a stellar level of consulting, but we also apply a mind body approach to your healing. This means that the whole you matters. Our job is to both teach and empower you to be healthy again, but also to be happy.

Existing Clients

We are currently updating our booking software so you can book follow-up appointments at your convenience. Until it is complete, go ahead and call us to schedule or ask any additional questions. Here are a few quick links that may help in the meantime.