International Academy of Mind-Body Medicine


Tao Holistics is excited to announce the long-awaited release of our Academy! The International Academy of Mind-Body Medicine (IAMM) exists to educate and empower healthcare professionals and anyone who desires to enter the field of holistic/natural health. Our mission is to provide transparent, scientific and cutting-edge information around what it means to obtain and maintain optimal mental and physical health.

The IAMM is dedicated to the advancement of clinical applications that identify, prevent and correct dis-ease (both age-related and not) and dysfunction in the body. Our goal is to disseminate information concerning innovative science and research as well as alternative modalities designed to promote longevity - through membership, conferences and our signature Health Coaching Program.

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Membership with the IAMM certainly has its perks. From client resources to practitioner tools and training, our membership can propel your practice and raise your revenue.


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Health Coaching

Thinking of entering the natural health field? Currently a practitioner, but want professional education from a holistic and functional perspective? Inquire today and learn why you should consider enrolling with us.


The Conferences

Throughout the year, the IAMM hosts progressive and engaging health conferences. We bring you the most cutting-edge materials to propel your practice or simply enrich your knowledge-base.