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Dear Pancreas, I know you feel like everyone's forgotten about you, but we want you to know that we haven't. We appreciate the digestive enzymes you make, the insulin you pump and the gentle way you keep our blood sugar balanced. We will stop taking you for granted. Pinky promise.

Oh - sorry, didn't mean to bore you with the mushy stuff... Anway, the pancreas is often underrated, although it is such an important gland to both the digestive and endocrine systems! It secretes several important hormones, including insulin, as well as digestive enzymes that help the body absorb the nutrients we eat. This formula is important for all, including diabetics. Cleansing this organ can yield amazing results, including improved digestion and insulin production. 

If inconsistent blood sugar is a concern, we recommend that you consult with your practitioner.

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Ingredients: Proprietary blend of organic and/or wildcrafted herbs - Cedar berry, Burdock root, Devil's Club root bark, Eleuthero root, Red American Ginseng root, Bilberry leaf, Mullein leaf, Gymnema leaf