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Our lab interpretation & assessment service is priced for ONE full lab work-up (i.e. CBC Panel). If you have a supplemental lab instead that you would like assessed (i.e. thyroid, metabolic or lipid), we may assess up to three of them. Once you purchase, just let us know what you have and we’ll work with you from there!

Lab interpretation services can provide you with a wide range of benefits. Whether you have blood work, a urine analysis or another type of results from your physician, we can help you decode them.

What makes us different from your doctor (and what we provide):

  • We use a more sensitive range when it comes to reading lab results and determining what is normal vs. abnormal. Basically, this means that our unique reference ranges identify red flags faster and outline results which are bordering abnormal results.

  • We provide a complimentary consultation to review our lab findings

  • We provide a typed report of our findings, including how your results may be associated with other possible health conditions, natural medicine solutions and more

  • We help you understand what your lab values really mean

  • We help you understand any possible drug-to-nutrient interactions, in case you are already taking prescription medication

Why getting a second opinion is always a good idea:

  • You may not know what you’re looking at when you read your lab results

  • Your lab work comes back “fine” according to your doctor but you still don’t feel like yourself

  • Your doctor may not be thorough in reviewing results (i.e. they are only looking for abnormal readings (and nothing that could be borderline low or high)

  • They’ll only call you if something shows as abnormal, with little discussion around preventative measures

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