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Our hormone assessment options provide insight into how your hormones are functioning. We use natural supplements and bioidentical hormone therapy to naturally balance hormone levels which, when out of control, can lead to chronic dis-ease.

Please note the difference in these two options:

  • Our Hormone Checklist w/Assessment service does NOT include lab work. This option serves as an alternative if you cannot afford to purchase the hormone lab panel. It is better than addressing your hormones “blindly” and also provides you with some education around hormones and how they affect your health.

    We provide you with a hormone/neurotransmitter checklist that you complete and we assess. We may also ask for information from your health history regarding any previous and current conditions. This lays the groundwork for which supplements you may need to start the process of balancing your hormones. This option does include recommendations for supplements to address your hormonal needs.

  • The Full Hormone Lab Panel measures around 11 different sex hormones as well as the stress hormone Cortisol, at 4 different times during the day. It is an at-home saliva test that includes instructions as well as free shipping to our partner lab. Following receipt of your results, we complete a full assessment and consult with you about the findings, and will also suggest specific supplements to address your imbalances.

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