Healing Manifesto Program: Tier 2

Healing Manifesto Program: Tier 2


This program lasts 12 weeks.

Tier 2 of the Perfect Health Mastery Program is the solution for those who are serious about their health and are ready to work thoroughly over a 3-month period. It is the upper echelon of holistic care, created to completely transform your health on all levels. In fact, you’ll eliminate up to 50% of your complaints in just the first quarter of the program. If you struggle with or suffer from any chronic condition, this program is for you.

Symptoms can take years to manifest in the body. So, it’s only fair that you give your body time to properly identify and remove them. As you begin to eliminate nagging symptoms and initiate healing in your body, we will continue to address multiple aspects of your health and put a lot of time into helping you achieve your health goals, no matter how bad off you think you are right now.

Regular consultations and a detailed review of your health history, labs and progress are equivalent to more than 9 hours of consult, research and review time. This does not include the time taken to create and personalize educational materials delivered throughout the program.

Tier 2 Includes:  

In-depth Onboarding and Education
30-Day Healthy Living Program (
see what’s included)
Initial Consultation (1 hour)
Full Functional Medicine Analysis
Health Assessment & Protocol
20-40% off Arbonne Product Line for 1 Full Year
20% off Tao Holistics Herbal Formulas for 12 Weeks

Ayurvedic Analysis
Weekly Follow-up Visits
Weekly Email Check-ins
Plant-based Meal Plan
Healing Manifesto Manual (hard copy + digital)
Saliva hormone test or $150 Supplement Credit

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