Healing Manifesto Program: Tier 1

Healing Manifesto Program: Tier 1


This program lasts 6 weeks.

Tier 1 of Healing Manifesto is ideal for those who want to begin making long-term changes to their health.

This program covers a full review of health history, Functional Medicine and Ayurvedic analyses, review of labs, and Perfect Health Assessment & Protocol.

It features a series of consultations, which focus on addressing specific complaints, as well as provide a therapeutic protocol with recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle, detoxification, and more.

Tier 1 Includes:

30-Day Healthy Living Program (see what’s included)
Initial Consultation (1 hour)
Full Functional Medicine Analysis
Health Assessment & Protocol
20-40% off Arbonne Product Line for 1 Full Year
20% off Tao Holistics Herbal Formulas for 6 Weeks

Ayurvedic Analysis
Weekly Follow-up Visits
Weekly Email Check-ins
Plant-based Meal Plan

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