37.00 every month

The Healing Manifesto Club (HMC) is a monthly membership subscription billed to your card each month (and can be cancelled at any time). The HMC was designed with you in mind - the modern busybody looking to improve your health naturally, increase personal growth and ultimately live a more minimal, yet meaningful and productive life.

HMC purpose:

To give those seeking better health or improved mindset and personal development the tools they need to live radically healthier and happier.

What to expect:

  • Transformation - advance your physical and emotional health as well as your mindset with our weekly self-discovery lessons and audio courses

  • A new understanding of mind body medicine, including how to use it daily to propel your life forward so you feel and look great 

  • A more peaceful and relaxed life filled with ease instead of overwhelm (even if you have a demanding job, crazy schedule and busy family)

  • Improved quality of life - find more free time and stress less

  • Intentional living - no more letting life lead you. Instead, you learn to lead life and understand what you really want (then create it!)

  • Inner peace - How would it feel to wake up to a life that you love?

  • Other surprise perks

Join the Club!

How it works:

This monthly membership provides weekly self-paced content delivered to your email inbox and a member’s only platform if you like to see everything in one spot. The content is always specifically created to help you reach your goals, whether personal or professional, faster and more efficiently than ever. The Healing Manifesto Club Membership is like having a coach in your pocket at all times!

The type of content you can expect:

The Lessons

  1. A self-discovery lesson complete with action steps and worksheets (like you received during the complimentary summer series of the Monday Manifesto Club).

  2.  A holistic health audio course divided into easily digestible sections for note-taking ease.

Deeper Dive aka Further Implementation

  1. Additional action steps and tips for deeper “inner work” necessary to address your self-discovery topic from the week before.

  2. Solutions list - based on the prior week’s audio course, the solutions list may include specific recommendations around lifestyle interventions, foods, herbs or supplements to address the health topic using the mind body medicine approach. 

Each week (depending on the week) will alternate between a new lesson or a deeper dive into the prior week’s content. The Deep Dive week allows time for practical application of the action steps and solutions into your daily life. Side note - most written content is available in audio form for those with vision disabilities, so pass along the word!