The Seven Principles of Healing [+ Freebie]

The Seven Principles of Healing [+ Freebie]

The keys to transforming your health and well-being at any level

My goal is to always help you tap into the power of finding your perfect health, and I hope these seven principles help you do just that! They are presented in sequential order and are easily digestible, so you can apply them to your life as soon as you are ready. Once you find yourself with the internal "knowing" and confidence that comes from adopting these principles, you will be well on your way to becoming your own advocate and teacher.

These seven principles were compiled to give you an introduction to the philosophy I use at Tao Holistics when coaching clients in my high-performance health & lifestyle coaching programs.

Over the last decade as a practitioner, I have invested countless hours of research and education to help people skyrocket their health and well-being. My exclusive coaching programs reflect the information I have learned throughout the years and now apply with clients. I take a mind body approach in every aspect of healing, and strive to empower and educate others to do the same!


Here are The Seven Principles of Healing

  1. Create Your Healing Manifesto & Roadmap

  2. Connect the Mind, Body & Spirit

  3. Create a Killer Daily Routine

  4. Do. Evaluate. Adjust.

  5. Apply the Compound Effect to Your Habits

  6. Expect Results but Anticipate Challenges

  7. Listen to Your Body but Give Yourself Grace

I use these principles as the foundation when helping clients improve physically, mentally and emotionally. In fact, in our Healing Manifesto Club, I created individual lessons where I go in depth to:

  • teach fundamentals around each principle

  • give practical steps you can implement right away

  • share specific resources like books and other personal development tools

  • give you printable worksheets, maps and guides to work through each lesson

If you want the inside scoop on how I individually help clients, the Healing Manifesto Club monthly membership is essential! If you still have questions about how we can work together or what you can expect, simply book a free discovery session HERE.

For now, be sure to get our free download below to read more about The Seven Principles of Healing!

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