Goal Setting: Our Favorite Books & More

Goal Setting: Our Favorite Books & More

*Note - I stated a few inaccuracies in the video below - must have been the 95 degree weather getting to me. After all, it was so hot that my phone shut down due to the temperature after recording the video! I’ve typed out the corrections to my mistakes later in the post.

Let me begin by noting that you are never too young or too old to set a goal, no matter how utterly ridiculous it may sound when the words come out of your mouth. Speaking of your mouth, have you gotten the goals out of your head and out of your mouth, or have you been secretly thinking about what you want to do? Get those thoughts out of your head and your mouth, and onto some paper.

Do you have a favorite method for setting (and crushing) goals? If not, chances are you are only experiencing a small percentage of completion. When it comes to setting goals, you must be specific in you want. What do you want exactly? Why do you want it to begin with? How long might it take for you to get there? What things are you doing now moving you in the right direction? What things or beliefs are currently existing that are not in alignment with what you actually want (therefore, preventing you from hitting your goals)?

If I want to make $25k this month in revenue, but have no clear way to get there, then I might as well be waiting on a lottery win, and we all know the odds of that happening. Now, if I set specific goals and do not reach my goal, that is not a failure. It simply means I may need more strategies in place or time or opportunities to make it happen. What it does mean, is that after missing the mark, I should go back to the drawing board and examine what needs to be corrected in the process. As you can see, goal setting is not for chumps! If you’re serious about wanting to make something happen, you have to show up and act like it.

That’s what the Manifesto Monday Club is all about. If you haven’t subscribed to my mailing list to gain access to it, you’re missing out! It’s a FREE members-only group where we actively declare and work towards hitting goals via downloadable worksheets, articles and our private Facebook group. It’s super cool, ya’ll - and I’d love to have your energy in that space.

Here are just SOME of my favorite books for setting goals:

  1. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

  2. Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis (reading this one again this month!)

  3. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

  4. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

While we’re on the topic of setting goals, please know that you will need to cut out any EXCUSES you might typically rely on when you have a down day. Yes, we all make them; and they can be easily confused with your WHY. Your WHY for wanting to accomplish a goal should be so big that it can keep you up at night. So big that others call it ridiculous. But if you aren’t careful, when the going gets tough, you’ll allow your WHY to become your EXCUSE. For example, if my WHY is time freedom so that I can spend my days with my kids as I choose, when things get crazy or stressful, I may flip that and use it as an EXCUSE to stop working on my goals. “My kids have been so busy with school and sports that I barely have time to (fill in the blank).” If we are in control of our goal, then it is up to us to act like it. We set the tone. This often means sitting down the family to have a loving conversation about what we want to accomplish, how it benefits everyone, and why all need to be on the same page. Sound silly? We have to do something different to get a different outcome. I told you, setting and working towards goals is serious business!

Corrections to my inaccurate info in the video -
1. The Slight Edge was actually written by Jeff Olsen, not Jim Rohn (although he is an awesome author and speaker).
2. Rachel Hollis actually did not say exactly what I mentioned LOL. What she said (at least as I remember it) was, “If you are not taking care of your physical health, you have a zero percent chance of becoming the person you want to be.” That is how I remember hearing her phrase it. If I’m a little off, what can I say? It’s super hot, remember?

If you have a goal that seems unrelated to your physical health, think again. Your body is a vessel through which creativity, emotions, feelings, and many other things flow, in efforts to put you in control of your goals and your life.

Have a goal you’ve been wanting to work towards? Please like this post and share your goal(s) with us in the comments! As always, I love hearing from you. Besides, we gotta get those thoughts out of our head and into the Universe!

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