Transform Your Health in 30 Days

Transform Your Health in 30 Days

The 30-Day Healthy Living program has become one of our most popular programs, and with good reason. It has helped so many others eliminate nagging symptoms and regain confidence in the way they look and feel. We use natural, high quality nutrition, herbs and supplements to help you restore your health, improve your skin, balance your hormones, and more. 

No matter how you'd rate your health right now, I know that you can seriously improve your health in a month’s time! Nature has given us incredible remedies and solutions that, when applied or taken correctly, can positively impact your health and well-being. Pair that with research and a return to basics when it comes to food, and you'll be on the fast track to amazing health in no time! I'm going to walk you through how to reset your health in just 30 days with this practitioner-led program. Ready? Let's go! 

Here’s a 2-minute overview of the products you'll be using:

(Arbonne ships to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, and New Zealand. If you live outside of one of these areas, you will receive another brand of plant-based nutrition that ships to your area; however, the program concept is the same.)

Here’s the scoop:

  • 30-Day Healthy Living Program

    • $266.40 + $29 Start-up fee when you order by phone ($307 total when purchasing online)

    • Includes every nutrition product/functional food that you will need for breakfast and lunch for 30 days. This means the cost of your breakfast and lunch is only around $8 combined!

    • Includes free group health coaching for 30 days

    • Email support

    • Cheat sheets, guides and meal plans

If you have ANY health condition or concern, you won’t regret doing this program. It targets more than nutrition and even includes meal plans, as if you were consulting with me right in my own office!

You’ll love these benefits…

The 30-Day Healthy Living program is also adaptable if you are a fitness professional, pregnant, nursing, or want to maintain your current weight. As a holistic practitioner, I’ll make sure your meal plans, product dosing and daily schedule are suited to fit your lifestyle and health needs for an individualized approach.

One of my clients, Shawn B., has had Multiple Sclerosis for decades. Doing this program was the first time he ever put himself first and committed to changing his diet and lifestyle. Shawn was thrilled (and so was I) when he reported a 75% reduction in ALL of his health symptoms by Week 3 of the program!

Now, let's take a look at Sarah, another client, and what she experienced from doing the 30-Day Healthy Living program.

Sarah reported the following benefits:

sarah before and after.jpg
  • more energy

  • no longer "needed" coffee

  • reset metabolism

  • no more jitters or shakes when hungry

  • lost inches and 15 pounds!

  • became a better, more present wife and mom

  • had a better attitude, hardly ever irritable

  • learned new eating habits

  • figured out which foods made her feel miserable

  • Other people noticed! Co-workers and friends asked what she is doing differently

100% of my clients have reported feeling better before the end of the first week!

A recap of the products you'll get:

nutrition asvp.jpeg
  • 2 bags of Protein Shake Mix (available in vanilla and chocolate)

  • 2 boxes of Herbal Detox Tea

  • 2 boxes of Energy Fizz Sticks (available in citrus, blackberry and pomegranate)

  • 7-day supply of Body Cleanse

  • 1 box Digestion Plus digestive enzymes + probiotic

  • 1 jar Greens Balance superfood powder

  • FREE professional group coaching for the duration (via Voxer walkie talkie app)

  • 50+ FREE adaptable meal plans, recipes and shopping lists

  • Inspiration and tips for personal growth

  • A detailed Program Guide with information about your first 30 days and beyond

  • Access to our private Facebook group for info, inspiration & support

  • Cheat sheets & outlines for everything

Results you can trust:

  • Women can expect to lose 7-14 lbs. Men can expect to lose 12-20 lbs. If you are looking to maintain your current weight, I’ll help you adapt your meal plan to fit your needs.

  • The first few days you may feel a little anxious as your body gets used to a new rhythm.

  • Have more energy and feel better than you’ve felt in a LONG time.

before and after2.jpg

This program is designed for:

  • People who consume most diet types - Standard American, Paleo, Vegan, etc.

  • People who want to reduce symptoms from autoimmune or other chronic conditions.

  • People experiencing fatigue, fogginess, digestion issues, poor sleep, excess weight, etc.

  • People who want to upgrade their health & nutrition habits

  • People who want to uncover food sensitivities

  • Athletes who want to increase performance, strength, energy, and muscle definition

  • People who want to start to heal their gut

before and after.jpg

What it is:

  • Whole foods, clean-eating program

  • A weight-loss jumpstart for those in need of losing excess weight (I will modify your program if you want to maintain or gain weight)

  • Education, tools, resources, and support for a life-long healthy lifestyle

  • A rest for liver & kidneys, allowing your elimination organs to maximize their function

  • An elimination program to help to uncover food sensitivities. Sufferers of premature aging or poor health have no idea that a solution may be as simple as removing possible trigger foods. And an elimination diet may be the most accurate way to uncover these.

What it's NOT:

  • A deprivation or calorie-counting diet

  • A fast

  • A liquid diet

  • About pushing your body to unrealistic limits

Why We Use These Plant-based Nutrition Products

Most of us are too busy to make 3-4 perfect meals each day. Our supplements/shakes are “easy buttons” or “healthy fast food” to make sure we’re getting the proper nutrients in the proper proportions at each meal. These are what make the program do-able for most of us and give us the greatest chance of success reaching our goals.

  • Did you know that cranberry protein is the only plant-based protein to contain ALL the amino acids? Arbonne Protein Shake Mix is formulated with cranberry protein.

  • Nutrition products are botanically basedlow glycemic index, Kosher-certified, Vegan-certified, gluten free and formulated without high fructose corn syrup, dairy, soy, trans-fat, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or GMO ingredients.

  • Arbonne is a 38 year-old health & wellness company

  • 45-day money-back guarantee

If you're ready to start your health journey, or simply pick up where you may have left off months or years ago, I invite you to try this program. You'll never regret doing something now that your future self will thank you for!

If you still have questions, feel free to call us at (302) 307-2701 or send us an email to

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