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After 7 years (and counting) of running Tao Holistics, holistic medicine practice and source for organic herbal formulas, Cicely Everson realized that her clients were not only looking for better health - they were also in search of a better, happier life. While our health makes up a large part of our overall contentment, other aspects like spirituality and purpose are equally as important. After all, life is about balance. 

Actively nourishing her personal and spiritual growth, Cicely was determined to share her experiences with the hopes of inspiring others to create lasting self-care rituals to begin honoring their highest selves.  The Everson Collective became the brainchild to do just that.  Cicely and her team set up a collective, or collaborative, to not only house her existing health practice, but to also engage her existing and future clients with other experts, bloggers, healers, teachers, and thought leaders with the same intentions.  

We hope you enjoy all the meaningful content The Everson Collective has to offer. From the insightful blog posts to the soul-stirring podcast, Soulstice, it's all here to empower, educate, and awaken all the beautiful souls ready to listen!




Cicely is the founder of The Everson Collective, holistic living platform that provides daily inspiration for health and personal growth. It is also home to Tao Holistics. As an herbalist and functional medicine practitioner, Cicely specializes in addressing chronic conditions from a holistic perspective. She also helps people navigate detoxification, nutrition and lifestyle habits. She is a leader in the field of holistic and alternative medicine and has spoken nationally at a variety of events. In her client-centered practice, Cicely thrives on educating clients about natural healing methods for both the mind & body, helping them achieve optimum balance, health and happiness.

Cicely has been teaching, studying and practicing in health and wellness for over 15 years. She is also the coauthor of… Continue reading ==>