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After more than 9 years of running Tao Holistics, holistic medicine practice and source for carefully curated herbal formulas, Cicely (founder) realized that her clients were not only looking for better health - they were also in search of a happier, more fulfilling life. While our health makes up a large part of our overall contentment, other aspects like spirituality and purpose are equally as important. After all, life is about balance. 

Cicely wanted to create a platform that not only shared her experiences, but was also a source of inspiration, with practical life hacks to help others create lasting habits around self-care and daily living.  Featuring Tao Holistics and Arbonne products, The Everson Collective became the brainchild to do just that. 

We hope you enjoy all the meaningful content The Everson Collective has to offer. From the insightful blog posts to the soul-stirring podcast, Soulstice, it's all here to empower, educate, and awaken all the beautiful souls ready to listen!




Cicely Harmon Everson is the popular natural health and beauty coach turned practitioner behind the brands The Everson Collective and Tao Holistics. She runs THIRTY, a 30-Day clean eating and healthy living program monthly, and helps others find balance with plant-based nutrition, holistic and alternative medicine, individualized health coaching, and positive self-care rituals. Her editorial-style lifestyle blog, TheEversonCollective.com, features personally curated content; its purpose is to show people that living more fully and eating cleaner foods doesn’t have to be boring or overwhelming. In her practice, Cicely uses herbal medicine, bioidentical hormones, functional lab testing and more to address underlying causes of illness.

Cicely is a certified Master Herbalist, Natural Product Formulator and Functional Medicine Practitioner. She is also licensed in Telomere Science and Esthetics. She loves nourishing her inner self with plant-based foods, herbal medicine, vitamins, and minerals - and respects and celebrates her outer self by using detoxifying bath salts, natural butters and pure essential oils! Born in Alaska and raised in northern Delaware, Cicely still resides there with her husband and two children.

Fun fact: Cicely’s natural hair has been featured on the Doctor Oz show! Click below to watch.

You can connect with Cicely here or on social media. Follow her on Instagram @theeversoncollective. For press inquiries, please send an email to hello@theeversoncollective.com.